The Need For Speed

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Presented by:
Al Richardson

Imagine being able to learn specific skills to help you accelerate and move faster around a course. Skills that will help you move away from turns faster, help you get to the right place earlier allowing your dog the benefit of earlier and clearer cues.

Al is the guy to help. Known as “the Sprint Man,” he has built a career on teaching people of all abilities, ages and levels how to be faster.

You will get around 30 minutes of high definition footage which you will immediately be able to stream on your phone, laptop and tablet wherever and whenever suits. You will get an introduction to the theory behind acceleration and sprinting followed by easy-to-follow drills which you can incorporate into your daily agility training. Reach top speed quicker and at last find yourself able to make that blind cross or keep up with that dog walk…

So, what are you waiting for?