The 4 Month Puppy

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Presented by:
Bonny Quick
Nicky Grant

Are you passionate about bringing on your puppy to be an agility star? But do you want to do what is right both for their mind and for their body? Then you need to follow this series!

Here, we bring you the first part of our Winning Puppy Series – in which you will find a video available to stream for each month of your puppy’s life.

In the 4 Month Puppy video, you will learn exactly what we are and are not doing with our 4-month-old future agility winners. There is a lot of stuff available out there on the internet for agility puppy owners. But a lot of it asks puppies to do stuff that is either not that great for a future agility competitor. Or just not suitable for their physical immaturity. The risks of this include a poor development of technique and a heightened chance of injury or early retirement.

We are passionate about bringing you something different – a series that is right for you but also right by your puppy.

Each video in this series is presented in combination by the international agility trainer and handler, Bonny Quick, and the well-known ACPAT physiotherapist, Nicky Grant.