Rear Crosses

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Presented by:
Bonny Quick

Your super-comprehensive rear cross video has arrived! Here, Bonny takes you through explanations and step-by-step exercises. Prepare to nail rear crosses each and every time with your dog.

Rear crosses are for everyone. Your dog weighs 2kg and you're usually ahead of him? Perfect. He's a great big 42kg and you can't get near him? Wonderful. Trust us, this video will bring a fabulous new skillset to your repertoire.

There are not just any old rear crosses. Instead, these are the kind that are fast, furious and the opposite of a “cop out”. Sure, rear crosses are useful for when you’re behind your dog. But did you know they can help you win, even when you could have got there and done a blind instead?

This 45 minute video includes the next generation of rear crosses. Sometimes they get called “lap turns” or “scoops.” We just know they are perfect for getting you winning times on courses and staying ahead of your dog.

Not 100% sure what a rear cross or “cross behind” is? Just know that you do them sometimes? By the time you’ve watched this you will totally get them. Plus you’ll know why really getting to grips with them is so worth your time!

Ever found your dog turned the wrong way on a jump? Sliced across it doing a rear when you were actually cueing a ketschker? Find out exactly why that happened and know how to make it never happen again.

The video starts out with groundwork exercises which you can do with youngsters, and gradually progresses. By the end, you’ll be flying around whole courses with your awesome rears.