Puppy Workbook – The Early Years

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Written by:
Nicky Grant

This workbook is your go-to guide for information on safe and effective exercises for your young puppy. This workbook contains key skills that are age-appropriate and safe for puppies from 8 weeks old. The workbook is ideally suited for puppies from around 8 weeks old up to around 16-20 weeks, however, these skills are invaluable at any age so if you feel you could benefit from reviewing them with your older puppy or adult dog then this workbook is for you.

Learn about growth plates, learn how to work out where your pup sits on the motivational scale and how this effects how you teach certain skills. Start your agility journey in a safe and effective way with all the exercises and skills tailored specifically for this phase of growth and development.

This workbook goes hand in hand with our Winning Puppy Video series where you will find loads more excellent information and exercises that are age appropriate for your pup. Great news, within this work-book you will receive some discount codes for both the puppy series videos and the start line waits video.

Ready for you in PDF form - when you buy your copy, the workbook will be sent to your e-mail (within 12 hours of purchase) so you can view it on your computer, tablet or phone – which means you can take it anywhere with you to access anytime. What are you waiting for, order yours now....