Inside Push Rounds

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Presented by:
Bonny Quick

This is a great skill to get training with your dog! Useful and fun – it’s a skill increasingly being seen used by the top dog-handler partnerships. Now you can learn it right now.

You already know about push rounds. Or outs. Or backsides. Or whatever you call them. The inside push round is a push round which you handle with the dog on the opposite side of you to the ‘normal’ side.

Using this handy skill you can get your dog to commit to the backside of a jump confidently - even when they are not on the side of you they would usually be on for a backside.

Bonny guides you through a clear explanation of what inside push rounds are. She gives examples of where and when they are useful in sequences. After that, you’ll be taken through 8 steps to follow with your own dog. So by the end of the video you and your dog will be working inside push rounds in courses with ease!