Get Started in Agility

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Presented by:
Bonny Quick
Nicky Grant

Are you getting into dog agility? Whether you’re just dabbling to have some fun, or have grand ambitions... this video is everything you need to know to get a winning start!

What's covered?
  • All the equipment. From which way your dog should enter the weaves to how the see saw has to be done.
  • How to easily find a local trainer. Plus how to distinguish the decent ones from those to avoid.
  • What to do before you begin your agility training.
  • Competing in the United Kingdom. Learn about the major organisations.
  • A quick guide to grading, height classifications, registration and measuring.
  • Key British national agility competitions.
  • Big international agility competitions.
  • Plus loads more!

There’s so much in this bargain-price video. It really is a nifty shortcut. Does getting off to a brilliant beginning sound good to you?