Agility Sequences - Sequence 5

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Presented by:
Bonny Quick

Got a bit of kit, and some space? Then you’ll love joining in with our sequences!

Each sequence is presented as a video and includes a course plan, to make it easy for you to set up the same at home. Bonny will show you how she chooses to run the sequence, talking you through her decisions and giving you hints and tips to follow.

Then it’s over to you, to train along with Bonny from your garden or training venue. These sequences were first presented in the Facebook group: “Sequencing with Bonny.” All of the sequences are aimed at competing level trainees, competent at all equipment.

In sequence 5, contact and tunnel discrimination is the focus. It’s actually 3 mini sequences, putting your dog’s understanding of your cues to the test. You’ll need just 2 jumps, a tunnel and an aframe – and can do this whole sequence in a space of around 12m x 10m.