Here, we talk to Silvia Trkman of

We've asked her, and some other top handlers and trainers, 3 key questions. These cover course design, youngster training and what needs to change in agility.


What sort of course design do you like to see set by judges, and are there any judges whose courses you particularly enjoy?

"I like courses that are nice to dogs, so nice smooth lines for a dog - while at the same time challenging for a handler and requiring good training skills.

I really enjoyed the courses from the French judge on the last AWC. (Ed: Nicolas Renaud)

I don't like courses that have ugly lines for a dog, are too easy or have the same challenge 10 times (like 10 pushes to a blind - and yes, it does happen) instead of a nice variety of challenges."


Is there anything you are doing differently with your current young dog, compared to what you have done with your previous dogs?

"I did everything differently with her. Not because I would think it's better, but because she needed it.

She has some major problems with understanding how to use her body, so I started everything much later and very differently because of her special needs.

You always need to adjust to the dog you have, there is no program that fits them all."


If you could change one thing about agility (in your country or worldwide) what would it be?

"I would ban metal wings.

I would ban slippery and unsafely set tunnels."