Returning to agility post lockdown

Nicky Grant Bsc Hons Physiotherapy, MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, MCSP, ACPAT A, HCPC, RAMP Here at the Win Clinic we are […]

Delving in to fatigue – what effect does it have on our young dogs?

Nicky Grant BSc Hons Physiotherapy, MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, ACPAT A, MCSP, RAMP, HCPC for Win Agility A couple of weeks […]

Course Design for Novice Dogs

It’s been 7 years since I last brought out a puppy measuring into large height. And 5 years since I […]

What does Silvia Trkman think?

Here, we talk to Silvia Trkman of We’ve asked her, and some other top handlers and trainers, 3 key […]

It’s a numbers game…

Sometimes I’m chatting to someone at a competition and they’ll say something like “I’ve got to qualify for Olympia here […]

On good form

When you work out, there is a fine line between improvement (yay!) and injury (boo!). Pushing yourself just outside your […]

Coat changes – can we spot them and why we should be checking…

One of the discussions I often have with my clients when they come to the Win Clinic is about their […]

Olympia 2018

Since I’m just beginning to plan my run up to Olympia, I thought I’d jot a super quick blog on […]

The Ronaldo Puppy

Cristiano Ronaldo spends a lot of time in the gym. You’re not really surprised, are you? Sure he’s a footballer […]

European Open Preparation

On 21st July, we’ll start driving out to the European Opens. The EOs are the biggest annual international agility championship. […]