What a great event Crufts 2018 was!

It was thanks to Charlie arriving 2 weeks early that I was able to go to Crufts this year. During the third trimester of my pregnancy I used my ambition to compete at Crufts as my motivator to keep fit.

As the calendar counted down I knew at the back of my mind that if Charlie was a bit late there was a high chance I wouldn't be able to go at all, but I also knew that if I could compete I wanted to make good of it...

So our Crufts preparation consisted of me keeping as fit as I could pre and then post pregnancy, and Shelley working on her fitness too - through cardio and muscle-development focused hydrotherapy treadmill sessions with Four Paws Hydro and physiotherapy sessions with Nicky Grant.

Less than 2 weeks before Crufts, Shelley slipped in a tunnel at the GB tryouts. Nicky worked round the clock between then and the start of Crufts to get her fit again in time for the event.

Our Crufts 2018 was a great one - we won 3 out of the 5 runs we did and became British Open Small Champions.

Your dog's fitness is paramount to their success in dog agility. That's also the principle on which Win Agility is based - we firmly believe canine fitness is as important as training in competitive agility.

I hope you enjoy our Crufts 2018 video. Have a browse around the other videos we have while you're here in our shop...

Bonny Quick